Gothenburg’s best restaurants – A guide to the best restaurants in Gothenburg

Vår meny på Calma Tapasbar
Photo by Visionary Studios of our tapas menu

Are you looking for Gothenburg’s best restaurants? Then you have found the right place. With us at Calma Tapasbar, located in the heart of Avenyn in Gothenburg, you can come in and enjoy a real Spanish Tapas in a familiar and cozy environment.


A tapas bar is a Spanish bar where the food is served on small plates. You can sit down, order a drink and a few small dishes, and everyone can try the different plates. You can choose between fish, cheese, meat, vegetables and more and create your own meal. A tapas bar is a great place to go with friends, as it’s easy to share a few different dishes.

Tapas and Spanish cuisine

Spanish cuisine is very varied and is characterized by the use of many spices and herbs. Spanish cuisine uses a lot of olive oil, garlic and onions, and the famous paella is made with saffron, wine and different types of fish and shellfish. There are both hot and cold tapas, and the cold tapas are often served in the summer. Spanish cuisine is very varied, and you can find many dishes with fish, pork and beef.

Calma Tapasbar – Gothenburg’s best restaurant

Calma is a tapas bar located in the heart of Gothenburg, near Avenyn (one of the most popular streets in the city). It is a small place with a maximum capacity of 30 guests and the atmosphere is both cozy and relaxed. Calma means calm in Spanish, and the place lives up to its name with a relaxed and welcoming feel. Here at Calma you can come in and enjoy a real Spanish tapas. In addition, Calma owns a nightclub on the second floor, perfect for rounding off the evening.

Tapas Menyn som får dig att tappa hakan
Some of our fantastic tapas dishes

The food at Calma Tapasbar

The food at Calma consists of small dishes that can be shared between friends. On the menu you will find a selection of both hot and cold dishes.

Cold tapas: Here you can find dishes such as thinly sliced air-dried Spanish ham, marinated olives & bacon-wrapped dates.

Hot tapas: With hot tapas you can choose between dishes such as Spanish meatballs in hot tomato sauce, Octopus rings fried in hot garlic oil, Green mussels with garlic & parmesan cheese and Grilled padron peppers with parmesan cheese & grilled lemon slice to name a few.

Cheese and dessert: From marinated manchego cheese to grilled halloumi and a selection of desserts with both hot and cold elements.

The atmosphere at Calma

As mentioned above, the atmosphere at Calma is very relaxed and familiar. The restaurant is small and many guests sit at the bar. The light is dim and the music is soft. The interior is minimalistic with green and golden elements, the walls are dark and the tables are made of beautiful dark wood. Calma offers an exciting selection of drinks but also wines, beers and authentic Spanish sangria. The food is served on small plates so you can try a bit of each.

Menu at Calma

The menu consists of different types of tapas with both hot and cold dishes. In the bar, Calma also serves wines, beers and delicious drinks. In addition to our fantastic Spanish tapas, we also serve our two different PAELLA DE MARISCOS with saffron rice, gambas, calamares, green mussels and our PAELLA DE CARNE with saffron rice, sirloin steak, chicken, chorizo. In addition, we have a delicious A la Carte menu that always goes home.

Prices at Calma – Gothenburg’s best restaurant.

Calma’s menu is divided into sections: Hot & cold tapas dishes, paella, A la carte and cheese and desserts. As a result, prices vary, but check out our menu for a full price list.

Tips for eating out in Gothenburg

When you go out to eat in Gothenburg, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • The best restaurants are often found on the smaller streets. If you are looking for a restaurant on a high street it can be very busy. But if you’re looking for a place on a smaller street, it can be much quieter. You don’t have to eat at a big restaurant. There are many small nice places where it is quite cozy to eat.
  • You can eat outdoors almost all year round in Gothenburg. If it’s warm enough, many restaurants have outdoor seating.
  • Smoking is not allowed in restaurants in Gothenburg. If you want a cigarette, go outside.


Calma is Gothenburg’s best restaurants & bar that serves good Spanish food in a small and cozy environment. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat or a relaxed evening with friends, Calma has something for everyone. If you want to try Spanish cuisine or if you want to experience a real tapas bar, you should visit Calma on Avenyn in Gothenburg.